Hot Chip – Boy From School (Acoustic Version)

Emo. Sets a tone.


Pixies – Wave of Mutilation UK Surf


Great for a lengthy bout of self harm, (kerning, filing receipts, dealing with our landlord)

KLF – 3a.m. Eternal  

We used to share our studio with Foxall. It's run by two brothers, Andrew and Iain, and they both had songs we sung to them. When they went out to a meeting, Andrew got "Andrew, Andrew, to you and you and you" to the tune of So, Long Farewell (Sound of Music) and when they came back Iain got " I A I A N, I A I A N, Eternaaaal." I think it's why they moved out.

Sydney Youngblood – If Only I Could


After I have made some form of terrible capitulation to a client, and have to break the news to Dan, Tom and Ed, I'll put this on, to try and make them think I am still a good person.


The Chemical Brothers – The Pills Won't Help You Now.

The Chemical brothers are also called Tom and Ed. That's about where the similarities end. He's never mentioned it, but I think Ed might hate the Chemical Brothers. 

Fine Young Cannibals – Johnny Come Home  

The Raw and the Cooked was the first album I ever bought, on cassette. It was really expensive and this track wasn't even on it. My proofing skills have not improved.

Fugazi – I'm So Tired  

Ed likes Fugazi, which is good because so do I. We can listen to this together and I don't feel like a dad trying to understand what's attractive about all the godawful metal he likes.

James Blake – Lindisfarne II  

I saw James Blake play this at Berghain, a big techno club in Berlin. Some quite far out things happen there, and there is strict no cameras policy. I remember feeling very grateful about it - Not because I was wearing crotchless leather trousers, but because the song got to me a bit and made me cry.


Sam Cooke – I'll Come Running Back to You


A good one to listen after you have been to the humiliating reconciliation meeting with the client you said you would never speak to again, but realise you desperately need. Especially difficult when they have already given the project you really wanted to a bastard you can't stand.


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